Atlassian Stimulas Package for Small Business
With over 9,000 customers of their solutions and US$ 100 million in cumulative revenues since they started in 2002, you can see that Atlassian (news, site) is working hard to get your business.

Today, they are going a step further offering what they call the Atlassian Stimulus Package. If you are a small business or startup in need of some enterprise level products at a bargain price, then you need to pay attention.

A Wiki for Your Business

You have probably heard of Atlassian Confluence, their enterprise level wiki product. We've talked about it on several occasions, including when they announced their integration with SharePoint. The enterprise wiki is designed to support the needs of both the small business and larger enterprise alike, with a price point that should attract everyone.

Confluence has been used for a number of Enterprise 2.0 solutions including: collaborative intranets, real-time business dashboards, collaboration/project management and technical documentation.

On average, the enterprise wiki sells for around US$ 2500, with much of their sales being to teams within organizations.

The Atlassian Stimulus Package

For the next 5 days, you can purchase Atlassian Confluence -- an enterprise wiki -- or Atlassian JIRA -- a bug and issue tracking system, for just US$ 5 for a 5-user license. The license is renewed every year at the same price, no strings attached.

In case you were wondering, these are not stripped down versions of the products -- they are fully functional and fully supported. There are no hidden fees.

What's the point of this offer? Atlassian sees an untapped market in the small business or startup who is looking for enterprise level solutions like the Confluence enterprise wiki, but can't afford the price tag. They believe an offer like this will help them gain traction in this market and potentially bring them more business.

They are hoping for a kind of "viral effect" in that as more organizations get exposed to the Confluence and JIRA offerings, positive word of mouth will spread and more licenses will be purchased at regular license prices.

Considering 80-90% of Atlassian sales are done online without the need of a sales team, this could very possibly happen.

There's a Goal Here

Atlassian has a goal -- they want to sell 5,000 licenses at US$ 5 each. That's US$ 25,000. Now you may be wondering why it would be important for Atlassian to set a goal for an amount that while not pennies, probably wouldn't affect their bottom line too much.

It's for Charity

All the money from selling these licenses for the next 5 days will go to a charity called "Room to Read". The Atlassian Foundation is the charitable arm of the company that supports a number of charities and other causes.

The Room to Read Organization builds libraries indeveloping countries, a great way encourage entreprenuers of tomorrow.

You've Got 5 Days

You've only got 5 days starting today April 20th. If you are a small business looking for either an enterprise wiki solution or an issue tracking solution, now is the time to go take a look at Atlassian. With a price like this, you really can't go wrong.

Besides, helping a charity like Room To Read is, in the words of Martha Stewart, "a good thing".