Atlassian Confluence 3.1 Supports OpenSocial Gadgets

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Atlassian Confluence 3.1 Supports OpenSocial Gadgets
Atlassian (news, site) comes to the table with the latest release of the Confluence enterprise wiki. Version 3.1's support for OpenSocial Gadgets makes it easy to add new functionality to Confluence and Confluence to other applications.

Supporting OpenSocial

Atlassian continues to enhance and improve its enterprise wiki Confluence. The latest major release was in June when version 3 hit the street with new plug-in Exchange and Macro browser (read all the new features in release 3.0).

With version 3.1, available for download now, the open source enterprise wiki has gone social -- OpenSocial that is. OpenSocial is a set of APIs for creating social applications that can be used across websites (Nuxeo recently announced support as well).

With support for OpenSocial you can easily add gadgets from other Atlassian applications like JIRA and Fisheye into your Confluence pages.

Of course, you can also add other third party gadgets to Confluence now as well as build new ones that are a mashup of business applications and other code.


Confluence Support for OpenSocial Gadgets

Learning Opportunities

And if you want to add Confluence to another application you are building, Atlassian provides three gadgets out of the box: Activity Stream, QuickNav and Confluence News.

But That's Not All That's New in 3.1

While support for OpenSocial is itself, a big deal, there are some other enhancements in this latest version of Confluence:

  • Drag and Drop Attachments: Easily add one or more documents from the desktop to your wiki by dragging and dropping them and embed images, pdfs and other documents into pages by dragging and dropping them into the rich text editor.
  • Support for Office 2007: Full support for Office 2007 includes adding documents to a Confluence page, import a document to be a page, search document contents, edit or view documents inside the wiki.
  • Support for More Browsers: Confluence 3.1 provides WYSIWYG support for Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4.x and is RTE enabled for Google Chrome.

These enhancements are just some of the highlights of Confluence 3.1. The following video demonstrates what's new.

Having just recently made the IDC list 10 Innovative Application Companies Under $100M to Watch, Atlassian must be doing something right. Check out the release notes and then download your copy to get started today.