Want to share files and ideas at the same time? Now you can, thanks to Box.net’s (news, site) new partnership with Fuze Meeting. The effort aims to integrate real-time online meeting and collaboration directly from within the Box.net service.

Users can share screenshots and more with real time video presentations giving individuals the opportunity to come together, as well as the ability to review and comment.

Symbiotic Collaboration

Both companies focus on providing collaborative initiatives, so their partnership is symbiotic in many ways. While Fuze allows people to communicate, collaborate and conference from any device, Box.net offers online collaboration tools aimed at simplifying online content management.

While Box.net competes in a market against other file sharing systems like DropBox, Drop.io and SharePoint, Fuze’s marketplace is a lot more narrow, sharing space with other web conferencing companies like WebEx and GotoMeeting. Combining forces is a great way to provide a united front in a competitive marketplace.

Collaboration On-Demand

Thanks to Fuze Meeting's cloud-based architecture, users can launch a meeting directly from a document, handy for delivering an on-demand, cost-effective way to collaborate on projects in the office, on the road or wherever they may be.

After enabling the Fuze Meeting service, Box.net users can choose to share a file in a Fuze Meeting session with a single click and easily invite participants by clicking on names in their Fuze Meeting address book.


Box.net integrates Fuze Web Conferencing

Pricing & Availability

Following their current pricing module, there are many gradations for the Fuze/Box.net service. The limited personal versions are free, while real enterprise use will require an annual fee.

However, Box has added Fuze Meeting support as part of its OpenBox system, allowing users to share their files with a variety of services, from Gmail to Zoho.

Learn more about the partnership as well as other OpenBox services at Box.net.