Build Your SharePoint 2010 Extranet with Help from SharePoint Solutions

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Build Your SharePoint 2010 Extranet With Help From SharePoint Solutions
Always there to help you build SharePoint solutions for every audience (hence their name), SharePoint Solutions (newssite) has released a new toolkit to support your SharePoint Extranet: SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager 2010.

Build Your Extranet in SharePoint

You do the ability to build an extranet within SharePoint 2010 without any additional software, but it's not out-of-the-box, you do have some work to do.

SharePoint Solutions has decided to help you out and has done much of the heavy lifting for you. With their latest product (or toolkit depending on how you look at it), the SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager will help you get your extranet up and running a little bit quicker.

What exactly is in this new Extranet Toolkit? The SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager 2010 is built on top of the 2007 version from SharePoint Solutions. The new version has a number of enhancements and new capabilities:

  • Delegate routine user administration tasks such as sending invitations and managing accounts.
  • Register new users by invitation or allow them to self register.
  • New security features that can be applied at the collection or site level or based on email domain.

As you can see from the screenshot below, Extranet administration is simply an extension of SharePoint's Site Administration, so you can manage your Extranet easily from a familiar tool.


 Site Admin Settings for Extranet

In this latest version you are able to select authentication directory for your Extranet users. Choose between SQL Server, Active Directory or another membership directory you may be using.

Learning Opportunities

View a complete list of what's new and what's been improved -- along with what is the same -- on the features page


Manage Extranet Users - Ribbon Bar

Have the Experts Get You Started

Along with the toolkit, you also have access to SharePoint Solutions expert services to get your Extranet up and running. Have them do the installation for you completely or work with them, being an active part of the process. The cost of this installation service is US$ 900 and may be worth it if you don't have extensive SharePoint Administration support in-house.

The SharePoint Extranet Collaboration Manager works for both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Foundations 2010. It is licensed at US$ 5,390 per front-end web server. Each license includes 12 months of software support.

This is SharePoint Solutions first product for SharePoint 2010, but based on the number of products they offer for SharePoint 2007 it is only the beginning. What's next? Maybe some document management or a new Alert Manager. Like you, we will have to wait and see.