Cisco (newssite) has introduced a new hosted collaboration platform for partners who need to support the many collaboration needs of their customers.

In order for the enterprise as we know it, to function and operate successfully operating systems, network systems and all the information that flows between them, must communicate seamlessly. For some companies, such a feat has yet to mastered.

It’s quite common, actually for companies to have multiple systems that do not, cannot and will not speak to each other, making collaborating rather inefficient. While they have integrated stopgap measures and work around methods, security risks and workflow issues are abundant.

Enter Cisco. 

Hosted Collaboration

Cisco understands that companies long for compatibility and seamless integration, which is why it’s launched a new Hosted Collaboration platform. The new platform allows Cisco partners to choose from a wide range of cloud-based collaboration applications using an "as a service" model built upon existing hosted Cisco Unified Communications offerings.

As a result, customers can choose how to deploy collaboration applications throughout their organizations, and can deploy multiple collaboration applications on one server.

Cisco says that its Hosted Collaboration solution is built upon four pillars, including:

  • Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Optimized Virtualization Platform
  • Centralized Management
  • Service Provider System Architecture

Each pillar enables Cisco to provide partners with a scalable infrastructure with an integrated data center all in an effort to maximize operations while minimizing costs and protecting technology investments.

Cloud Apps in a Box

Partners should consider Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration platform like a box full of cloud apps, from which they can purchase apps from Cisco and then license the use of the collaboration applications to customers via a subscription-based service.

The Cisco Unified Computing System, part of the Cisco Unified Service Delivery is designed to run from partner data centers. The integrated data centers are not only the foundation for cloud services but they also capitalize on the power of the network to transform and optimize service delivery.

As Collaboration as a Service (CaaS) is gaining momentum in the enterprise, Cisco’s focus on collaboration aims to help its partners to provide cloud-based solutions with increased flexibility for their customers.