ClipTraining Offers On-Demand Video for Windows 7

In September, we told you about ClipTraining (news, site), who specialize in computer-based training. This week, they have announced release of its Windows 7 video-on-tap training services.

For the individual or the enterprise,  ClipTraining adapts education to match the way most people learn how to do anything nowadays -- through online video -- by developing a web-based on-demand Learning Management System (LMS) that is user-friendly and economical. 

ClipTraining’s Windows 7 training series will help users learn the ins and outs for the newest Windows operating system with short, simple on-demand training overviews based on the features and functionality software that users may find challenging. As well, companies can use them to assist in training, while cutting costs. 

Having become widely available only a week or so ago, Windows 7 was designed to be everything Vista wasn’t, and as a result will soon become the more favorable operating system deployed among computer users and organizations, especially as they upgrade and purchase new computer systems. Why not get a leg up on the competition and learn tips and tricks of Windows 7?

Here’s just a smattering of what you can glean from ClipTraining’s series:

  • Jump Lists: Windows 7’s streamlined approach to accessing apps and data through jump lists that allow you to ‘jump’ right to the document, song, video, web sites that you want to access.
  • Altering Your Personalization Settings: Learn how to personalize many aspects of your operating system to make it your own.
  • Working with Libraries: Windows 7 automatically configures libraries for Documents, Music, Videos and Pictures allowing the user to create new libraries or simply tweak the ones you’ve been given.
  • Windows Search: Learn how to perform Instant Searches off the Start Menu, use Explorer dialogs to locate items through the ‘breadcrumb bar’ or integrated search features in every window.  
  • Federated Search: Based on OpenSearch and the RSS format, federate search expands the Windows Explorer search ability to reach beyond your PC and search any available repository of information. Learn how to download search connectors for Twitter, YouTube, Flickr among others. 

Don’t do it alone, ClipTraining can help any organization or individual navigate their way through Microsoft’s latest adventure. Single user pricing starts at US$ 75 for 12 month access and company portals start at US$72 per user for 12 month access, with significant bulk discounts. Some training videos are available for free training pending user sign-up.