CloudBees Extends Java PaaS with App Store Style Partner Services
Java platform-as-a-service (PaaS)CloudBees (news, site) is trying to position itself as aholistic solution for cloud-based Java application development and deployment.Today the company announced its new partner network that extends the Java PaaSto support more services for developers.

One Platform, One Click, Many Services

Prior to today’s announcement, CloudBees PaaS allowed users to build, test and deploy webapplications in the cloud without restrictions or incurring additionalinfrastructure costs. CloudBees made the Java PaaS generally available in January2011. The platform consists of [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] providesusers with the tools required to deploy applications to the cloud -- without the need to purchase, configure and maintain hardware, and without theneed to target a specific underlying infrastructure service (IaaS). Accordingto CloudBees, thousands of applications are deployed to [email protected] [email protected] isan integrated cloud-based development infrastructure that makes it easierfor developers to write, build and test applications in the cloud.

With CloudBees’ latest announcement of a new partner network,users now have access to multiple hosted services and can manage applicationbuild, deployment, management, monitoring and data services from one cloudplatform. Initially CloudBees supports five partners -- Cloudant, JFrog, NewRelic, SonarSource and Sauce Labs -- with additional partnerships planned in thenear future.

The move to extend the PaaS beyond its own serviceofferings by CloudBees may be the first of many for cloud-based PaaS providers attemptingto entice developers away from on-premise development.

Learning Opportunities

How It Works

Using the familiar applicationstore model, users locate partner services inside the CloudBees platform andactivate them with one click. CloudBees sets up the account with thepartner and takes care of provisioning and billing. Once services are activated, userscan manage them using CloudBees’ management console. This provides one locationfor cloud development, deployment and management with little effort.

What’s in it for partners? Partners gain exposure to a potentiallylarger user that can turn on their services instantly, increasing the likelihoodof use. Additionally, CloudBees integrates with partner systems, handlessubscription management on their behalf and manages level one support issues -- reducing the amount of effort required to manage a customer.

Individual interested in evaluating the Cloudbees platform cando so for free by visiting the Cloudbees site.