Everyone is looking for a way to build Web 2.0 applications quickly, without having to deal with the details of code. Iron Speed offers such as solution in their Iron Speed Designer that can build apps for SharePoint 2010, 

Creating Data Driven Web Apps 

The Iron Speed Designer is now available in version 7.1. It allows the non technical person to design and built data driven web applications for .NET or SharePoint 2010 and can be hosted in the cloud.

Looking similar to Microsoft Visual Studio, it differs in that it is not a coding environment, but instead is an application generator. As such it doesn't support the automated creation of business processes, but instead generates the code for retrieving, creating, updating and deleting data from the database. According to Iron Speed, it's the CRUD functionality that typically makes up 80% of an application.


For those who need to add business logic, the generated code can be manipulated. Iron Speed generates a class architecture that you can use to build your own business logic. 

Iron Speed v7.1 does provide support for Visual Studio 2010, so you can use the IDE to customize your application further. Visual Studio can also be used for debugging your applications.

Creating Apps for SharePoint

With the help of Iron Speed Designer 7.1 you can build secure database applications for SharePoint 2010. These applications are completely integrated with SharePoint, leveraging its API. SharePoint master pages are also used, so you can't tell what is native to SharePoint and what isn't.

In addition to using SharePoint APIs and master pages, pages generated make use of SharePoint application security. 


For those who don't run a SharePoint development environment, you can still use Iron Speed to create SharePoint applications. The designer simulates the SharePoint environment during development by placing the SharePoint DLL in the GAC (Global Assembly Cache). In fact, the company recommends you don't deploy Iron Speed Designer and SharePoint on the same machine.

In addition to SharePoint, Iron Speed Designer also supports a number of third party controls, including Crystal Reports, FCKEditor, Infragistics and Telerik RAD Controls, so you don't need to create everything from scratch.

Iron Speed Designer appears to be a good development application to help you quickly get a data-driven application up and running quickly. If you don't have a lot of business logic to integrate, it's probably a good deal. If you need to get deeper and make a lot of changes, you might want to first see how much code is generated and how hard it looks to modify before you make the decision to buy it.