Every organization goes through some kind of change at one point or another. element8 software has developed a Web 2.0 solution that provides a collaboration environment design to support the rapid delivery of change that encourages participation by all. The solution is called Xpoint and it's delivered on the SharePoint platform.

Supporting the Transformation Process

Organizational change is not easy, but it is often necessary to achieve a competitive advantage in your market. It requires input from many and needs to follow a structured lifecycle methodology to ensure it is implemented successfully.

element8 Software has designed a new solution called Xpoint to help manage the transformation activity.


xPoint - A Web 2.0 Solution

What capabilities does Xpoint provide? Here's a sample:

  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management: The ability to for everyone to participate though various collaboration tools, social networking and knowledge bases.
  • Performance Management: Dashboards, reports, KPIs and all the things business leaders new to ensure things are being done.
  • Innovation Management: Capture ideas, putting the processes in place to approve and align them to strategy.
  • Transformation Lifecycles: Xpoint implements a structured lifecycle methodology, like six sigma and the additional tools needed to make it work.
  • Integration with Business Systems: Integration with email, Finance, Performance Management, HR and other business systems.

The SharePoint Connection

What brought Xpoint to our attention is that it is built on SharePoint, demonstrating how the platform can be leveraged to build powerful business applications.

According to Geoff Carss, VP Sales and Marketing for element8 software, Xpoint uses the underlying SharePoint platform for capability such as backup and restore, storage, security, farm deployment, multiple instances, site collection and database administration, search and more.

The SharePoint object model and API are also leveraged; however, element8 has built its own unique user interface, pulling together all the underlying elements required based on their expertise enterprise transformation needs.

Supporting Enterprise Transformation

Xpoint looks to be a strong solution for supporting organizations through business transformations. All the tools and processes are in place in a single environment that not only informs management, but enables everyone to get engaged and be part of the process.

The fact that it's built on Microsoft's most popular platform to date helps -- if you have a SharePoint environment already.