When you think of the rebellious and loose nature by which blogging is often described, it might be that Las Vegas is the perfect location for the Second Annual BlogWorld and New Media Expo. Scheduled for September 20, adding to what is already a busy weekend for bloggers, the expo will feature advice, insight and experiences as shared by senior executives from Fortune 500 companies and industry thought leaders, all of whom attendees can learn a thing or two about how to implement social media. The expo seeks to serve the needs of those involved in publishing the more than the 112 million blogs and 250 million pieces of tagged social media. Using the successes of business communications from prominent companies like Nike, SouthWest Airlines and Intel, industry experts will no doubt extol the impact that blogs have had with branding, humanizing and cultivating at the community and personal levels. Featured speakers at the pre-show event on September 19 include: * John Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager - Emerging Media at Walmart * Michael Brito, Social Media Evangelist at Intel * Hilary Weber, Director, Internet Marketing Services at Kaiser Permanente * Michael E. Rubin, Vice President of Community at The Blog Council Despite the radical misnomer that blogs carry, there's no doubt that blogs are serious business. Recent studies have indicated that 15% of Fortune 500 companies communicate with consumers via blogs and that larger companies are more likely to be using blogs than their smaller counterparts. Blogs can be found at nearly one-third (32%) of the Fortune 50, 16% of the Fortune 201-250 and only 2% of the Fortune 451-500. The BlogWorld & New Media Expo not only aims to bring together "visionaries, senior-level executives, and pioneers from the corporate blogging world", but those looking to make their first leap into blogging, livecasts, podcasts, micromedia and other social media programs as well. With so much potential to increase brand awareness, build a passionate community, establish thought leadership and improve customer service, expo participants will gain a vast understanding of the significant impact blogs can have. Don't delay, register today!