Get Up to Speed Quickly on SharePoint with InSites Portal
There is a lot of documentation and support out there in the SharePoint community for developers, business analysts and architects.

But you don't see as much support for the SharePoint end users. Still, this group often needs help understanding how to best use SharePoint to support their work activities.

i-Squared is offering these business users a solution. Called SharePoint InSites, it is a support Portal, based on SharePoint, that you install in your SharePoint environment or access as a hosted service.

InSites provides a number of training materials to help you understand the uses for SharePoint, including:

  • A series of "how-to" and "why" podcasts based on user roles and experience levels
  • Common FAQs
  • SharePoint jaron wiki

You can customize your implementation based on your SharePoint plan and you can brand the portal to your company.

Now i-Squared isn't the only company to offer SharePoint training for business users. Click2Learn also has an offering called Interactive SharePoint Training Kits for End Users, and AppDev currently has a special promotion on their SharePoint end user training.

Even Microsoft offers some SharePoint 2007 eLearning courses. Even better, they also offer a free end-user training solution that you can download and install in your environment, and also customize based on your needs.

The difference between Microsoft's free solution and i-Squared's may be the support provided to get the solution installed in your environment and up and running. The hosted option is also a strong point if your SharePoint environment isn't ready yet.

Get the details on i-Squared InSites and then make your training decision. InSites will be available in October.