Along with announcing its Google Apps for your Domain pricing scheme, many in the Googlesphere believe that a Powerpoint competitor dubbed "Presently" is in the works for the near horizon.As we've reported before , Google is getting ready to launch a pricing plan for the paid version of its Messaging platform and online office suite. This is not a big surprise given that the market for such things has been prepared with Microsoft's Live services starting out free and running at up to $39.99/month for their deluxe package. More notably, a few bloggers have found some code in Google Apps that would indicate that an application with basic Powerpoint-like functionality is already well in motion. Its not immediately apparent whether or not Google's earlier acquisition of JotSpot or Writely groups have anything to do with this development but the name does have an obvious relationship and to suppose not would be ill advised. It makes perfect sense for Google to add this piece of rounding functionality to their deck of tools as presentations have long been a key part of an office suite. Google's competitors, not just Microsoft, but Web Office powerhouse Zoho Office contain strong presentation tools. For more CMSWire coverage, see: Google Acquires JotSpot, Google Apps Lightens Messaging Load, and Google Moves (further) into the Enterprise.