HiSoftware,SharePoint Accessibility
News from the SharePoint User Conference in Seattle, where HiSoftware present on Thursday with an update of AKS, and with the launch of 'Compliance Sheriff', a new compliance solution.

Accessibility Kit for SharePoint

An update for the popular Accessibility Kit for SharePoint, developed with Microsoft, will bring yet more accessibility to the collaborative environment in SharePoint blogs and wikis. AKS v1.1 brings yet more files, programs and utilities to enhance the user experience, and offers 21 new control adapters for blogs and wikis in MOSS. You also get new CSS, master pages and reusable content examples. AKS is part of the Microsoft Public License and is free to download at HiSoftware.

Compliance Sheriff for SharePoint

Compliance Sheriff enables users to create web content in SharePoint prior to publishing through an integrated workflow testing process. Content testing and reporting options are provided according to the standards-based policies outlined by WCAG 1.0 and Section 508, and all of this can be done before deploying content into live SharePoint sites. Compliance Sheriff is extensible, and options are available to test and secure content against privacy issues and to market site quality, performing actions like identifying misspellings and usage of inappropriate language. HiSoftware tell us that "Industry analysts have stated, “HiSoftware’s Compliance Sheriff provides the highest level of on-line and real-time compliance for accessibility, privacy and corporate standards of any product in the market.” It would be nice to know what industry analysts said this, but it's quite an endorsement nonetheless. If you're interested in the AKS update but can't make it to Seattle, then you can catch a recorded presentation Webinar on March 10 (14.00 and 23.30 GMT) by signing up here. If you are in town you can contact the HiSoftware desk at [email protected] or +1 603 578 1870 x16 to set up a meeting.