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IBM has launched IBM OmniFind Personal Email Search, a free email search plugin for Outlook and Lotus Notes. The product is a graduate of Big Blue's Research Labs experimental playground, and showcases a number of clever next-gen semantic search capabilities. IOPES is designed to pull valuable information, like phone numbers, out of the unstructured, globulous mess of aged Inboxes, using smart algorithms and dedicated search types to put manners on the informational black hole at the heart of the average email archive. Instead of merely searching keywords, IOPES employs sneaky algorithms to dig up important but contextually invisible data from the archive. For instance -- dates, times, phone numbers, meeting requests, and specific locations can all be targeted with a search. Search is configurable, so you can bring your own ingenuity to bear in finding the name of the place that one guy said had the best taco fries in Albuquerque. (Or whatever.) The plugin is available at alphaWorks, IBM's testing and research community, which boasts over 100,000 members (IBM employees only). This is the sweetest IBM giveaway since that nice Mr. Gates came knocking and asked politely for his operating system back. Go grab this baby today.