The development team for Edvance360 must have been busy. With all the new features in version 6.0, this Learning Management System (LMS) makes learning a truly enjoyable and useful experience.

The new major version of Edvance360 (formerly known as Scholar360) comes with some cool new features, the most important among them being a mobile version, content cloning and notifications.

Edvance360 -- More Mobile Than Ever

The mobile functionality in Edvance360 has been significantly enhanced by the new mobile version of the application. This isn't the first version of Edvance360 with mobile support but up to now its mobile version was a bit cumbersome and painful to use.

Now the mobile version has been substantially reworked and as a result, it is fast and functional -- with it you can access your “synchronized calendar, social network, mail, grades, as well as course, community, and system alerts”. Basically, you can do everything from your mobile!

Notification Agents Keep You Informed

For a busy individual, notifications about important tasks and events are more than welcome. This is why the second group of new features in Edvance360 comes very handy to students and tutors. Now, when you have notifications enabled, there is no excuse to “forget” to prepare your homework or to turn it late because your tutor will know right away that you are falling behind.

Notifications also help to keep track of progress because if a student falls below a predefined average for course, or has been inactive for a specified period of time, you get notified about it. You can share all notifications with students, so that they can also keep track of their progress. It is up to the tutor to decide which notifications are to be sent to students and which shouldn't go their way.

Content Cloning Saves Time

Content cloning is another feature in Edvance360 that deserves attention. This feature saves time because when you can clone individual content items across different courses (or within the same course), this saves lots of manual work and decreases the amount of mistakes you make in the process.

Other New Features

The three core new areas of functionality in Edvance360 are not the only additions. There are also abuse reporting tools, management tools, course updates and many other major and minor improvements. For a full list of what is new in Edvance360, check their Release Notes.