Inmagic (news, site) has released the latest version of its social knowledge network, Presto 3.7. This latest version offers the ability to integrate information from third party repositories like SharePoint.

Presto 3.7 Doesn't Stand Alone

An important fact for any knowledge network. If it stands alone, it's really just another silo of information to drive us crazy. Inmagic has included a number of enhancements in this latest version, not the least of which is a new Connector Framework.

Connector Framework

The Connector Framework enables the integration of content from third party repositories like SharePoint. This is a plug and play architecture that connects the information. It doesn't require that third party content to be moved to Presto. Most organizations use a number of different applications and store information in all of them. A solution like Presto brings it together to improve findability.

Network Drive Connector

If your information is stored on a network drive, then the new Network Drive Connector is what you need. This connector does a couple things:

  • Retrieves and index files
  • Performs automated metadata extraction on a number of file formats including images, audio, MS Office. HTML and more

Additional Improvements to Presto 3.7

Presto now comes with a set of Content Types -- complete with screens and views -- out of the box: Document, Image, Photograph, Audio, Video, Multimedia, URL, FAQ, and News.

You can also sort within browse collection nodes by things like rating, date created and title, and you can copy items easily to other collections. Also a quick search option has been added to the menu. Additional UI enhancements make working within Presto quicker.

Presto 3.7 is also now Section 508 compliant, supporting usability for people with disabilities -- something very important to have if you want to get into the government space.

Inmagic Likes SharePoint

There has been an ongoing relationship between Presto and SharePoint for awhile now. It stretches back to 2009 when Presto integrated with MOSS and continued in 2010. A smart thing to do considering how predominant SharePoint is in organizations today.

In fact, the ability to integrate with third party content, regardless of where it's located is the right approach all together.

 The updates to Presto are available now.