Inmagic's IdeaNet: Helping Organizations Create Innovative Products

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Inmagic (news, site) has created a new application on top of its Presto, innovation management platform. IdeaNet is designed to generate product ideas and manage the idea development process.

Supporting B2B Product Innovation

IdeaNet is designed for organizations who want to leverage the talents of their product teams and customers to build successful products. The idea is that internal collaboration and customer communications are not mutually exclusive, when combined together in a single environment, great product ideas can be created.


IdeaNet Moderator Home Page

IdeaNet offers the following capabilities:

  • Moderated Idea Management so ideas can be managed better and tracked via alerts.
  • Integration of idea management and community feedback so that ideas can be voted on and updated quickly communicated out as idea move through the innovation cycle.
  • Ideas can be refined, but the original idea & inputs can be maintained, giving a better holistic view of an idea.

In addition search and reporting are key features of the application. IdeaNet also supports integration with Active Directory for single-sign on and the ability to authenticate and authorize through other third party systems, so it's not a standalone product.

Learning Opportunities


IdeaNet Idea Voting Report

Says Inmagic in a blog post on the new application:

Here's the idea behind IdeaNet: It's a system to help B2B product development and management teams manage the ideation process and fuel innovation. It works by helping teams bring together their knowledge and expertise with customer feedback and insight to generate, moderate, prioritize, and act upon ideas.

Many believe that involving customers in the product idea process is the perfect way to ensure that you are building the products customers want. Kind of obvious I know, but it's still not common place in many organizations. Applications like IdeaNet may be the answer to changing that.