Inquisite Survey Software v9 Released
Ever hear tell of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software? It sounds complicated but useful doesn't it? According to solution provider Inquisite it gives companies the ability to automate and optimize the collection and management of either customer or employee feedback across the organization. Sounds like something you could definitely use with a CRM or ERM solution. But even more possible, how about using it for evaluating how useful your social networking solution is? Providing EFM solutions for over 11 years, Inquisite has a product called Inquisite Survey Software which is used to "facilitate employee-management [and customer management] communication and encourage collaboration across the enterprise." According to Inquisite, we are in an ultra competitive market and this makes it extremely important to properly gather and manage customer and employee information. One way to do this is through the use of survey software. Version 9 of the survey software was just recently announced and we took a quick look at what it can do for your organization.

Features of Survey Software v9

Earlier versions of Inquisite Survey System included role-based access to feedback data such as Survey Administrators, Survey Analysts and Survey Reviewers. Version 9 now provides a new interactive analytics engine and report builder that will help these roles provide even better insight into customer and employee opinions and motivations.

Data Analysis

Survey Analysts can customize reports relevant to their business objectives instead of having to use the canned reports of earlier versions. They also have the ability to control the depth and breadth of the data analyzed. Additional features include: * Best of both quantitative and qualitative data with automatic tabulation of both pre-coded and uncategorized responses, plus scoring and aggregate numeric statistics * Customizable charting by question that distills lengthy tables into concise visual summaries. * Interactive segmentation with flexible answer grouping ("roll up") in frequency and multi-banner cross-tabulations Survey Administrators can customize reports by combining report filtering with customized views for Survey Analysts.

Report Formats

With a new analytics engine, the look and feel of reports can be customized. This can eliminate the need to export the data to other applications for better analysis. It also enables the drilling down or filtering of data using the mouse and by "drag and drop".

Using Surveys to Evaluate Social Networks

Most solutions discussed on Inquisite's website involve CRM -- Customer Relationship Management and ERM -- Employee Relationship Management solutions. Although both these terms generally refer to specific software solutions, one could think of social networks as extensions of these. With so many questioning the value of social networking solutions, perhaps integrating this type of survey software into the social network will help organizations understand how their social networks are doing and where they need to work harder at making them more useful for both customer social networks and employee social networks. After all, who doesn't love to take a survey? If it's well designed and implemented and valuable information is gleamed from it and used, then most people respond well to them. Some might argue that the social network itself provides data for analysis on usage. But if people aren't using them the way they were intended, or at all, then how does the organization determine what the issues are. What do you think? Could a survey solution help an organization better understand how to make their social networking solutions work for them? Take a closer look at the Inquisite Survey Software v9. There's an online webinar that will walk you through the tool or just read through the information they have on the solution and how it can work for you. The Inquisite Survey System v9 is available now in SaaS format. In addition, an installed version will be available starting September 2. Pricing for the solution appears to depend on the configuration.