Mainsoft Integrating LotusNotes and SharePoint 2010

Yes, Mainsoft (news, site) is hanging out at Lotusphere this week. But the talk doesn't have to be all about IBM and Lotus does it? Well technically yes, it does. Mainsoft is just sprinkling in a bit of SharePoint 2010 to make it all that much more interesting.

Accessing SharePoint through Lotus Notes

Today at Lotusphere, Mainsoft announced a preview of their Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes version 2.5. This latest version supports SharePoint 2010. The ability to integrate SharePoint and Lotus Notes has been in high demand with Mainsoft seeing a 420% increase in new Lotus customers. According to Yaacov Cohen, CEO of Mainsoft,

“Among Lotus Notes customers, we see SharePoint-email integration double or triple the rate of SharePoint adoption and use. Mainstream IT users quickly realize that the ability to access document collaboration and professional networks from within Lotus Notes simplifies users’ worklife, and helps them work more effectively in teams.”

Mainsoft's software is built using SharePoint's Web Services interface and the Eclipse Rich CLient Platform plug-in architecture. Some of the new features in this latest version include:

  • The ability to access full SharePoint profiles by simply hovering over names in emails, calendar events or Sametime usernames
  • Search SharePoint user profiles
  • Access SharePoint MySites within the Notes SharePoint sidebar panel


Mainsoft Profile Search

Mainsoft says the latest version of the SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes will be available sometime in the first half of this year. Likely coming very closely behind the RTM release of SharePoint 2010 itself. 

Here's a demo video that walks you through the integration.