Telligent social computing conference
Microsoft did it for SharePoint, Clickability did it for their CMPublish platform. Now it's Telligent's turn. Time to plan for a new conference. It's called in.telligent 2008 and it's happening in Dallas, Texas October 20-22, 2008. An opportunity to put your social media learning to use. What a better way to learn about social computing then by attending a conference by the vendor whose product you are/want to use? Telligent's in.telligent 2008 social computing conference is aimed at teaching you all they know about social computing and how to leverage their solutions to make the most of this social internet we live in. The conference is three days of knowledge sharing, best practices and access to Telligent solution experts -- and there's more...

Sessions and Workshops

There are over 20 sessions in two tracks: Strategy and Technology. Some of these tracks include: Strategy * Customer Communities: When People Are the Message * Social Computing Inside the Firewall * Leveraging Customer Conversations to Enhance Customer Support Technology * Branding your Community 101 * Extending Community Server, Part 1 and Part 2 * Graffiti CMS 101 Workshops In addition, there are a number of hands-on workshops in this year's conference that let you play with the Telligent technology such as: * Evolving Your Intranet: Introducing Community Server Evolution * Measuring Your Community's Success: Proving the ROI of Your Social Strategy These workshops are limited to 8-10 attendees and are conducted by some of Telligent's most knowledgeable people. To attend these, you will have to pay extra: US$ 1000 and bring your own laptop. But the opportunity to work closely with the software experts may be well worth the extra cost.

Conference Keynotes

Telligent CEO Rob Howard provides the conference keynotes. The first one will walk you through an introduction and review of Community Server 2008 -- the latest release of their social networking and community platform. The second keynote covers the future plans of Telligent as a whole outlining their product roadmap.

Registration Information

The cost of the three day conference is US$ 799, but register by August 15 and you only pay US$599. For that price Telligent will feed you, give full access to the sessions and take you to Casino night. Conferences like these that are held by specific vendors are well worth the cost if you are already in bed with them. Are they worth it if you haven't made a product decision? Maybe. The strategy sessions sound product agnostic for the most part. And they should be conducted by people who have real experience implementing solutions for organizations. So you should get some real best practices and lessons learned. Are you someone who would attend a vendor specific conference? Or do you prefer to attend the vendor neutral conferences?