Intuit (news, site) is throwing its hat into the Enterprise 2.0 world with its new Web-based innovation and idea management tool, Brainstorm, designed to spur the free exchange of new ideas within organizations.

What are Idea Managers

Idea managers, like Brainstorm, are essentially specialized collaboration tools that provide organizations a centralized location to share new ideas. In many organizations, there are no established processes for employees to collect ideas for business challenges. If they do exist, they are either haphazard or involve multiple meetings with a very limited audience, which ultimately makes the product development cycle longer or misses profitable ideas entirely.

Idea and innovation management processes structure the process, centralize the information and allow decision makers to review and select the best idea for prototyping or implementation. Idea management tools have grown more popular with the expansion of social media tools within corporate environments.

What Can Brainstorm Do

Brainstorm is a subscription-based hosted solution, which makes it possible for companies of all sizes to implement idea management. The software-as-a-service tool was originally developed as a tool for internal use, but became so popular that Intuit decided to make it available as a commercial product.

According to Intuit, after implementing the product internally, they experienced a 1000 percent increase in the number of ideas created and time to market was decreased by 60 percent. Brainstorm has a number of features to make managing ideas easier:

  • Submit challenges and collect ideas using a browser-based tools
  • Share ideas over email, which links back to Brainstorm
  • Collect feedback from others on the idea
  • Idea tracking
  • Define custom criteria and score ideas
  • Idea pipeline management

Additional details on the product features are available at

Intuit is currently offering Brainstorm for US$ 5.00 per user per month for the first 500 users, with a US$ 500.00 monthly minimum. There are incremental price decreases as the number of users increase above 500. The subscription includes access by one domain, setup training, best practices guidance and technical support. Intuit is also offering a free 30 day trial.

Has your organization implemented idea management technology recently to spur product innovation? Has it improved your process? We would love to hear from you.