Kapow Technologies
Run for cover! Kapow Technologies is making a boom in the tech industry with announcements of 50 percent year over year growth, the addition of over 50 new enterprise customers in 2007 so far, and expansion into Japan. As exciting as this news is, one question remains: Who is Kapow Technologies?Kapow specializes in Mashup Serving, Feed Serving and Web Scraping software. More specifically, these help companies deploy content-intensive applications like enterprise mashups and other Web 2.0 apps for less time and cost compared to traditional software methods. “In the past year, many innovative enterprises began to adopt the mashup paradigm because of its obvious ability to speed development, reduce IT costs and create new competitive advantages,” stated Joe Keller, CMO of Kapow Technologies. Keller went on to say that Kapow's "growing list" of enterprise clients "value the Kapow Mashup Server as essential enterprise infrastructure, powering mission-critical applications.” Hoping to cash in on the Web 2.0 and ECM booms, Kapow has just released two new versions of the Kapow Mashup Server. Furthermore, Kapow has also expanded their technology platform to support new technologies, including: * AJAX * Ruby * REST * RSS * SOAP * PHP The company's also forged alliances with BEA, Backbase, EMC Documentum and IBM. Much of all this shifting may be reflective of the changes occurring in the company's executive suite. Kapow has just pulled in a new CEO: John Cimral, a seasoned “serial entrepreneur” who’s been in the enterprise software game for over two decades. He also has a strong tech background, holding an MS in computer science from MIT (everybody, "ooh" together), and having been awarded 10 international and US software patents over the course of his career (everybody: "ahh"). Needless to say, with all of its growth, Kapow will be a company to watch for the rest of the year. Visit their website here. As one of the self-proclaimed fastest-growing software firms in the world, the company boasts a client roster with names like AT&T, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Intel, and the US Army.