KMWorld's 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

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KMWorld has published it's annual list of 'Companies That Matter' in Knowledge Management. Editor Hugh McKellar and an esteemed board of industry-savvy judges have sifted through the marketing gloop, sorted the wheat from the chaff, held up the KM Champions and banished the chancers and n'er do wells to eternal KM oblivion. Until next year, at least.The list is a straight alphabetical one and not broken down in any way or according to any ranking. But if your attention-span is really that bad and you want to play a little game, you can look at it like this. There's four types of companies listed here: a 'Duh' group of obvious monster candidates; the 'Uh-Huh' group of worthy, recognizable names; a 'Say Who Now?' group of obscure but presumably good companies (by far the most interesting group); and a '....?' group of names whose appearance makes no obvious sense at all. The first group of rock-star companies includes SAP, EMC, Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP, IBM/Lotus... you get the picture. Other familiar names to us in the CMS space include Ektron, JustSystems, Xythos, SpringCM, OpenText, Citrix, Coveo, and various other entities which have proven themselves in the marketplace over the past year in KM and related fields. Then there are the KM-specific companies like Inquira, and disparate service software developers like ISYS Search Software. And plenty of interesting and worthwhile new finds like Jive Software (makers of Clearspace - well, they were a new find to me), who have awesome-looking products and seem to be in line for every award going.The rest of the list contains surprises aplenty, though unfortunately without explanation or context. What does Lockheed-Martin, the aeronautical manufacturer, have to do with Knowledge Management? I'm sure there's a reason, but I'd like to know what it is. Ditto Hewlett-Packard, whose primary expertise I always assumed lay in making bad printers (but good computers, admittedly). Why is Apple on the list? The iPhone? Safari? Because Steve Jobs is cute? Why? Why? Why? In any case, if you're interested go take a peek at the full list at KMWorld- while you're there you can also check out an interesting feature on Enterprise CMS, SharePoint and EMC.

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