laserfiche 8
Laserfiche is showcasing its latest document management offering at AIIM in Boston this week, a release which focuses on integrating content with business processes. Laserfiche 8 aims to provide an open, scalable, service-oriented architecture, enabling organizations to unify content from disparate sources in various formats. That's the official marketing line anyway -- if you're at AIIM you can go see for yourselves. If not, here's what you can expect to find under the hood when you do finally get around to checking it out:

Laserfiche 8 Features:

* Scalable SOA solution * Integrated workflow -- a new workflow-automation platform is built into Laserfiche 8 * Auto-classification of content * Capture content at the point of creation and deliver it straight to users and decision-makers * Certified records management capabilities built in to the core architecture (DoD 5015.2), allowing users to manage all content according to relevant compliance criteria * Extensible framework, designed for easy integration with other business applications * Messaging service and programming interface, that facilitates real-time synchronization with enterprise systems and delivers reports * Transparent lifecycle and retention management More details, video demos and information on other Laserfiche products available at Laserfiche H.Q. Another factor to consider when debating whether to do business with this company is the Laserfiche Marketplace, which hosts products like plugins and various tools developed by partner developers. Laserfiche welcome 3rd party innovation for extending its products, and a healthy community of developers are showcasing an ever-increasing number of extensions at the Marketplace.