LinearCube Debuts SaaS Document Management Based on Alfresco
There are a number of SaaS document management and collaboration solutions on the market today. But there's always room for one more it seems. LinearCube, a new offering built for the SMB market, has a pretty high quality core -- it's built on the Alfresco open source document management solution.

Hosted Document Management for SMBs

LinearCube is a relatively new company. Founded in 2008, its focus is bringing document management solutions to the small to mid size organization, such as legal, professional services and accounting. The company has two lines of business: SaaS document management and an Alfresco-SAP Enterprise solution. The SaaS Document Management solution was launched in January of this year.

A hosted document management and collaboration solution, the service is available 24/7 with subscription pricing starting at US$ 99 per month. The nice thing about this hosted solution is that you aren't tied into any contracts. So if at any time you aren't satisfied, it shouldn't be too hard to walk away.

Not that the company thinks that is likely to happen. Here are some of the features of this document management solution:

  • Office Integration: Integration with Word, Excel, PowerPoint -- check-in/check-out directly in Office
  • Workflows: Includes out of the box workflow for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Time and Expense processes; Customized approval workflows
  • Document Types: Define custom document types and associated attributes, a document type can include multiple documents
  • Versioning: Definable version scheme, full versioning with rollback and purge capability
  • Collaboration: Document tagging, comments, discussions and share via email, subscription notifications

Along with these capabilities, you also have key word and full text search and the ability to upload entire file directories to the DMS via a desktop shared drive.

Full security at the document and folder level is also provided and you can see the complete history of a document's lifecycle.

An Alfresco Backend

LinearCube is built on the well known open source content management system Alfresco. The fact that Alfresco is CMIS enabled is probably one of the biggest benefits for this hosted solution. Having the Alfresco name behind it certainly doesn't hurt either.

Although Alfresco is at the core, LinearCube has built a number of capabilities on top including lifecycle management and document activity logs.

We asked LinearCube's President Ajay Khater why Alfresco was choosen. He told us that "It [Alfresco] has been engineered from ground up as a true SaaS multi tenant solutions. This makes it cost effective and easy to run as a datacenter and cloud based application and offer it to the customers at a low price point."

On Par with Other Hosted DMS

LinearCube's capabilities fall in line with many other hosted document management systems such as Xythos, KnowledgeTree, SharePoint Online, SpringCM and others.

The specialized workflows for AR, PR, Time and Expense are differentiators for LinearCube, but they do lack in social collaboration using wikis and blogs.


If you are interested in learning more about this new document management system, you can take a 30 day trial run.