LotusLive Connections Unveiled, Wins Award at Enterprise 2.0 Conference
Not to be outdone by the other Enterprise 2.0 vendor announcements during the Enterprise 2.0 Conference this week, IBM (news, site) not only unveils the SaaS version of their social computing solution, LotusLive Connections, but they also take home an award for it.

Lotus Services in the Cloud

LotusLive Connections is a part of IBM's cloud-based services. We first introduced you to the LotusLive portal offering in January. Included in the SaaS solution is:

  • LotusLive Engage: A set of collaboration services required for online meetings
  • LotusLive Connections: The same core collaboration capabilities as Engage but without the web conferencing.
  • Web Conferencing: Including LotusLive Meeting and LotusLive Events
  • Email: Including LotusLive Notes and LotusLive iNotes

Unveiling LotusLive Connections

At the Enterprise 2.0 conference this week, IBM gave conference goers a look at LotusLive Connections, a combination social networking and collaboration tool hosted as a cloud service.

IBM isn't new to social computing, they've been offering collaboration solutions since 1995, with Lotus Connections being the most recent. They also aren't the first to offer a SaaS-based solution. Socialtext and Socialcast are just two others.

LotusLive Connections offers a number of features including file sharing, activity management, instant messaging, and networking capabilities. You can read the details of each feature under the LotusLive Engage section of the LotusLive site.

Learning Opportunities

Winning an Award

It must be an impressive solution. LotusLive Connections was voted The Enterprise 2.0 Cloud Computing Technology Buyers' Choice Award at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference beating out EMC, Google Apps and others. The award was voted by conference attendees.

LotusLive is directed at small to mid-sized businesses primarily, although it will work for any size company. There is also integration with other third party vendors such as Skype, LinkedIn and Salesforce.com.

Has IBM finally caught up to the crowd? And is it enough to grab market share away from other established social computing vendors?

LotusLive Connections is expected to be available at the end of the month.