Mashing Up Speedy Organizer With Document Management Systems

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New Speedy Mashups For Document Management
Since its creationin 2003, New York-based Speedy Solutions (site) has been providing "mashups" of technology for the document management industry.

Their latest venture, which will be released in September, will see their Speedy Organizer solution, integrated with four of the biggest document management systems on the market.

They include Kodak Capture (news, site), Kofax (news, site), Digitech (site) and EMC Captiva (news, site). According to the vendor, this will result in solutions that will have all the functionality of these systems, will be scalable upwards and downwards and come at a fraction of the cost.

Speedy Organizer is a paperless office application for businesses of any size. Combined with any MFP (Multi-Function Peripheral, which combines faxes, scanners, copiers and printers all in one and usually with an internal print server), it enables businesses to manage all their documents in a paperless office.

Since its inception, Speedy Technologies has been creating what they call "mashing of technologies" with some of the major players:

  • In 2004, with the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner, by combining Fujitsu scanner package with Speedy Organizer producing a complete commercial-grade paperless office solution.
  • In 2007, it was the turn of Microsoft Desktop Search product which, when mashed with Speedy Organization produced a highly scalable document management solution.
  • In 2008, Speedy Organizer combined with SugarSync to provide a web-based document management solution.

Opening New Markets

And with the addition of four more solutions in September, Speedy is creating access to a huge market place that is getting increasingly competitive.

By targeting Kodak Capture, Kofax, Digitech and EMC Captiva they are concentrating on front end systems that they believe have been underdeveloped, creating a new solution by mashing with Speedy Organizer, and releasing those solutions onto the market at bargain prices.

While the solutions that the companies involved are producing are very effective, they all have to be tied into a high-end enterprise document management system. This approach, says Speedy,is not suitable for the market it is targeting.

Learning Opportunities

Speedy Organizer Features

However, by installing these new solutions, users will be able to use these products and then directly import into Speedy Organizer’s Microsoft-based SQL database.

Those documents are then automatically cataloged, indexed and stored in any format that can be retrieved and distributed.

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SpeedyOrganizer login page

Speedy Organizer has a number of features, which the company says,will make the new "mashups" particularly attractive:

  • A search engine that was designed specifically for document management
  • Access to services from a fully menu-driven protocol with all operations achievable from one customizable menu screen
  • Automatic capture and storage of documents, once a process has been completed with access to those documents from anywhere in the system
  • Keyword search either for a specific document or for multiple documents with Advanced Search capabilities
  • Full text search capability that enables searches of text of any document. It also comes with an ability to find documents anywhere on the system by interfacing directly to a Complete Windows system search
  • Security using specific user and administration IDs in combination with a complete audit trail.

full text_speedy_2009.jpg

Speedy Organizer full text search

As to what unique and specific features will come with the new solutions in September, there's not much detail yet. But given the individual abilities of each ofcompanies involved, they should be considerable. The company says that because of the scalability of the new solutions and reductions in the operational costs. But then, everyone says that these days. Sometimes it's true, sometimes it isn’t. In this case, we’ll just have to wait until September to find out.