In February, Metalogix (newssite) released the Migration Manager for Blogs to help ease the transfer of blog content into SharePoint 2010. Now they add to that tool the ability to migrate Wikis to SharePoint 2010 as well.

Wikis are SharePoint Alternatives Too

There is a whole list of alternative solutions for SharePoint, ranging from blogs, content management and document management systems, to other social computing solutions. As we saw when Atlassian commented that its Enterprise Wiki Solution was also a viable alternative to SharePoint, you can also add wikis to that long list. 

But not everyone is looking for a SharePoint alternative. In fact, the release of SharePoint 2010 may encourage many to migrate from one of the solutions above into SharePoint.

For those in that situation, Metalogix has the solution.

Migrating Blogs or Wikis

The Metalogix Migration Manager for Blogs and Wikis enables you to migrate a number of well known blog and wiki solutions to either SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010.

So now, in addition to migrating blogs from places like WordPress, Google Blogger or any blogging software that supports the MetaWebBlog API standard, it can also migrate content from Atlassian Confluence, MediaWiki and xWiki.

The migration includes wiki pages, posts, comments, attachments and categories, and includes versions and permissions. In addition, intelligent link management ensures that all links within migrated content is converted appropriately.

One Time, Anytime Migration

The only thing new from the first version of the migration manager is that you can now migrate from several wiki solutions. The rest, scheduled and/or ongoing migrations, remote migration administration and compliance through the use of the SharePoint API are all still features of this recent version.

If you are a Microsoft MVP, you can get a free copy of the Migration Manager, otherwise have a closer look and see if this is the right migration solution for you.