MindTouch Partners with Fujitsu for Document Scanning
MindTouch (news, site) is getting attention from a major player in the document scanning market. Fujitsu has taken it upon themselves to provide the ability for organizations to scan documents into MindTouch directly.

Getting your Paper Documents into MindTouch

Fujitsu has this family of scanners called ScanSnap, which are now integrated with MindTouch to not only let you upload your paper documents into MindTouch, but make them editable as well.


MindTouch and Fujitsu integration

How does it work? Fujitsu has created a mail service that enables you to indicate in your ScanSnap software to send your document directly to MindTouch. The document is converted to a PDF and placed in a special subtree of the MindTouch global navigation tree. From there you can easily move the documents into new locations, search them and edit them as required.

Adding this capability to MindTouch is good news for both companies as it demonstrates clearly that MindTouch's enterprise collaboration platform is getting widely recognized and used in organizations today, and helps Fujitsu sell their scanners to a broader marketplace.


MindTouch ScanSnap preview

Aaron Fulkerson, founder and CEO of MindTouch told us that he was pleasantly surprised when he found out that Fujitsu had gone into the MindTouch community and asked developers questions about how to integrate with MindTouch. Fujitsu has even listed MindTouch in their ScanSnap Community marketplace.

Following in the Footsteps of IBM/Xerox

This news+ follows a similar announcement made by IBM and Xerox at Lotusphere in January. Xerox OfficeNow! provides integrated document scanning with Lotus Foundations, IBM's collaboration solution for SMBs.

The difference here is that OfficeNow! is still a pilot and is probably a little more expensive to implement.

Taking MindTouch to Lawyers

The real value Fulkerson sees with this new partnership is the combined solution they can offer to smaller law offices. It has been well received so far and at a price of just under US$ 4,000 including a 50-user license ScanSnap scanner, this may be a deal hard for many to refuse.