Gone are the days when a bunch of guys in suits piled into a conference room to listen to a business presentation on budgets or advertising metrics. Thanks to mobile technology, that conference room is a computer screen or a mobile device that allows us to be anywhere, everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Reinventing the Presentation with Mobile Devices

While we still attend business presentations, we still yearn to be as captivated as Don Draper’s clients when he clicked through family photos using the Kodak’s carousel slide projector. New data released today from SlideRocket confirms that professionals are trying to recreate similar moments using mobile devices.

According to the SlideRocket Presentation Index, mobile presentation views have increased significantly in 2011 with a 640% increase. Now, one in every ten presentations is viewed on a mobile device with iPhone as the top choice. The data also shows that adding audio and video components to presentations dramatically improves viewer attention.

Though the web has made everything we do online more social, our presentations are still rather static -- a one-sided, flat conversation, instead of a discussion, a lively debate or storytelling. Fortunately, the mobile device is helping to evolve our presentations into communications.

iPhone = iPresentation
iPhone leads the device pack in mobile presentation adoption with the highest number of total views (39%), followed closely by iPad (37%) and then Android (24%).

Forget the Elevator, Sales Pitches Go Mobile
Most sales pitches take place, not in conference rooms, but in person -- in coffee shops, at trade shows -- making mobile presentations more relevant and important than ever. At SXSWi 2011, SlideRocket asked conference attendees to share the most unusual presentation locations. Responses include bed, bathroom, massage table, horseback, hair salon and ski lift.

Better than the Sound of Your Voice
Audio and visual components have always been helpful in capturing attention, but now they are essential components, necessary for capturing and maintaining an audience’s attention throughout a presentation. Studies show that information retention nearly doubles with images vs. text-only. In fact, the SlideRocket Presentation Index shows that 98% of presentations with audio are viewed to the end, while those with video are viewed nearly 20% longer than those without.

SlideRocket, of course, isn’t just an avid supporter of mobile presentations. Its product ensures that your presentation can go just about anywhere, while letting the user create and add interactive elements so presentations come to life with real-time information and other dynamic content. Leveraging the power and availability of mobile devices, SlideRocket helps us reinvent presentations so businesses can tell their story and connect with their audiences. Even Don Draper would be impressed.