Mobile Enterprise: Tablets, Applications, Manners

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This week, three reports reveals three things about how the mobile enterprise affects our lives.

Mobile Workers Like the Tablet

According to iPass' Mobile Workforce Report more than one-quarter (27%) of mobile employees worldwide are using a tablet, typically an iPad, for work. While not surprising, the survey shows that many factors have influenced its popularity. From cloud-based applications, better affordability and accessibility to improved user experiences, tablet devices are helping to make the enterprise more productive.

As tablets become more popular and useful, preferences for laptops are waning. The survey showed that one-fifth of mobile workers selected a tablet as their one device of choice, while 49% selected the smartphone (down from 63% in 2010), compared to 27% who prefer a laptop (down from 37%).

This is especially good news, considering Apple’s release of the iPad2 happened yesterday. But it’s also good news for those investing in the mobile workforce and mobile applications.

Mobile Application Growth Continues

Speaking of mobile applications --a report by Forrester Research estimates that the revenue generated through the sales of smartphone and tablet apps will reach $38 billion by 2015. That’s a lot of apps in a short amount of time, considering at this time last year we were just hearing about a little something called the iPad, and that only three years ago we were introduced to the iPhone when the mobile app first became a thing.

Learning Opportunities

Now apps can be found across a variety of platforms and devices and are growing exponentially, in volume and in the technology upon which they are built. As devices become equipped with more sophisticated sensors and accessories, apps will find new ways to become more essential to consumers.

Mobile Manners Decline

Now the bad news. All this mobile technology -- well, it’s not making us nicer. A survey by Intel indicates that mobile etiquette is on the decline.

According to the survey, most Americans are irked with people's misuse of mobile devices. 91% of U.S. adults have seen mobile misuse, and 75% think mobile manners are getting worse. What do we mean by mobile manners, exactly? 73% consider using mobile devices behind the wheel to be the worst abuse of mobile technology. Other reported abuses include talking on the phone loudly in public and using a mobile device while walking on the street.

Mobile technology affords us great convenience and responsibility. As a result, we have become more productive, which should make us more fun to be around. As determined as we are to make mobility a part of our lives, we must also be as committed to civility as well.