In its ongoing efforts to bling-bling big business, Enterprise RSS firm NewsGator has added a series of Enterprise 2.0 functionalities to MOSS 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.Dubbed NewsGator Social Sites, the solution purports to add a bit of collabo-friendly playfulness to the MOSS platform. And if there's anything Microsoft could use right now, it's a friend.MOSS-ready ornamentation includes an AJAX interface, tagging and enhanced RSS capabilities, the latter of which happens to be NewsGator's specialty.NewsGator Social Sites 1.0 works with NGES 2.1 to assist enterprises in turning SharePoint-based portals into alleged "one-stop" Enterprise 2.0 destinations. More specifically, the solution includes the following:* Integrated presence, enabling users to connect with others who share tagged or authored content, opening the door for collaboration in real-time.* Enhancement of SharePoint lists like tasks, announcements and calendars with "new media" user interactions - the ability to tag items, mark them read or hide them; or subscribe to lists with a mere click.* A friendlier GUI, accomplished by lacing AJAX into SharePoint lists views.* SImplified nav and content discovery features* Souped-up RSS, which empowers users on SharePoint to share content from external RSS feeds. RSS content feeds from the central NewsGator Enterprise Server, which virtually eliminates information redundancy."As more and more companies are using RSS to manage and disseminate important business information, they are finding out what a useful, versatile and essential technology it is," gushes General Manager Dave Keller of Enterprise for NewsGator."Combining Web 2.0 technologies like RSS with pervasive business tool such as Microsoft SharePoint Server shows how fundamental these capabilities are becoming in the workplace, and showcases what Enterprise 2.0 can deliver."Well, doesn't that sound festive.NewsGator made the announcement about the Social Sites 1.0 release at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston on Tuesday. The beta program is available in mid-July. Check it out.