For those of you on the go, DoxNow LLC, a company specializing in the development and distribution of various document management software applications, announces the launch of the DoxNow smart drive product. Basically, it's a USB smart drive equipped with customized indexing and searching software; the nifty result of research that indicated storing data was only part of the smart drive convenience factor for consumers.Made with the consumer in mind, the DoxNow smart drive is designed to scan, import, index, organize, and retrieve documents with relative ease. It features customizable document management software that allows the user to create specific indexes for each file. This feature works in conjunction with customizable search parameters, giving users quick access to their DoxNow documents. "DoxNow isn't your average smart drive. It doesn't simply store your documents, it allows you to determine how they're stored and - more importantly - how they're found," explains John Koci, President and Chief Executive Officer of DoxNow. "A smart drive is useless if you can't find what you're looking for. DoxNow has advanced indexing and search functions the user can customize based on what makes sense to them." DoxNow is essentially a stand-alone plug and play USB drive that integrates with the host computer's software, but isn't dependent on it. Documents can be viewed within the DoxNow application on any computer regardless of the host computer's available software, and it boasts 128-bit encryption security to keep documents from being left behind for others to access. DoxNow is a sleek little device that could be stored in one's wallet or keychain without much fuss. It's available in 1GB, 2GB and 4GB models and comes equipped with a series of default folders, sub folders and indexes designed for personal use as well as management software that allows users to create their own DoxNow electronic folders, sub folders and indexes. Prices start at US$ 99.95 for the 1 GB model. Check out DoxNow for more info.