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Enterprise CMS provider Open Text Corporation has acquired hosted business applications provider eMotion LLC from Corbis Corporation, intending to augment Open Text's Artesia Digital Media Group's offerings. This is the second move by the company in the last couple of months to expand their Enterprise 2.0 solution set.eMotion, headquartered in Seattle, provides hosted business applications for managing digital media assets and marketing content. The acquisition benefits Open Text's Artesia Digital Media Group by providing them with a wider portfolio of offerings for marketing departments and advertising agencies. It will also add capabilities that complement its industry-leading enterprise marketing asset management solution, Artesia DAM, along with extending Open Text's digital media capabilities; a move that's in line with its Enterprise 2.0 strategy. "eMotion is the right fit at the right time to expand our Artesia Digital Media Group, our portfolio of solutions for marketing departments, and our team of content experts who can innovate with customers and leverage their growing libraries of video, images and other rich media content in a Web 2.0 world," said Scott Bowen, President of Open Text's Artesia Digital Media Group.eMotion had been acquired by Corbis, a visual media provider for the creative community in July 2005 for an undisclosed amount."By joining a global leader in ECM and digital media solutions, our products become part of a comprehensive family of solutions that help organizations manage all of their business content," said Jon Schupp, Vice-President of Media Services at eMotion. He added that the supportive infrastructure of a large company like Open Text and the Artesia Digital Media Group will help eMotion continue to deliver innovative solutions. Schupp is joining the Artesia Digital Media Group as Vice-President of Software Services. So how much does an established hosted business application provider run for these days? Open Text purchased the division for approximately US$ 5 million, net of cash and assets, but they don't believe the acquisition will have a material effect on future financial results. So what do they have to gain by this acquisition? eMotion serves more than 70 marketing-department customers, many of which are large Fortune 500 companies. By combining the scale of Open Text with the precision and expertise of the Artesia Digital Media Group, eMotion should have some solid solutions for marketers. The Artesia Digital Media Group at Open Text has already earned itself a reputation for delivering strong media management solutions to marketing departments and advertising agencies, so this will give them even more of a one up on the competition.