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Last month we reported that Open Text's data integration strategy rested on the shoulders of the Genio product, a technology they bought alongside the Hummingbird takeover in '06. Now we get to see the finished article with the official release of Genio v7. This 64-bit information management application transforms, cleanses and directs structured and unstructured content from a range of repositories. Featuring web service support and full content integration capabilities, Genio laughs in the face of incompatible system interfaces and proceeds to process content and digital assets from data marts, ERP systems, mainframe systems, CRM, and so on. (And, of course, from various content management frameworks.)Or, to cut a long story short, it allows organizations to integrate content between multiple systems and processes. New capabilities of Genio 7 include: * Better Web Services support * National language and Unicode support, thus "remov[ing] the complexity of integrating data encoded in different character sets." * Native 64-bit app., so improved performance and ease of use (how one implies the other we're not sure, but that's the official blurb and they're sticking to it) * Extends Open Text Content Services for content and data integration. Now all OT Enterprise CMS customers can process all web service-based information across the enterprise, and integrate content and digital assets accordingly. Hurrah! To get more on Genio, go here.