Enthink is a premier and technology partner with Open Text Web Solutions (RedDot). They provide a number of modules that extend the out of the box functionality with Open Text Web Solutions CMS. Their goal is simple, to simplify and improve a user‘s experience. Recently, they released SmartForm 1.2, which provides authors an efficient way to edit and manage their forms.

SmartForms for Smart People

In case you thought all forms were created intelligently, think again. With SmartForm, users can create intuitive forms, quickly and easily, from ready-made templates or customized fields. It’s one thing to design a form that caters to the user experience, but what about a form that makes it as easy for administrators? With SmartForm, you can have your cake and eat it too.

By adding more flexibility when using SmartForm within containers, more browser options for authors and additional options for active templating, projects become more manageable from the inside out. From WYSIWYG interfaces to drag and drop functionalities, SmartForm is a no-brainer, but don’t take our word for it.

Enthink is dedicated to making an organization's knowledge work for customers and users, alike. By using enterprise content management solutions to bridge the complexities of technology with the practical elements that the workforce demands, Enthink understands that it shouldn’t take a brain surgeon to create workflows and forms meant to simplify, not complicate.