Plone Conference 2008
Joel Burton has been doing Plone boot camps and presenting on the topic of Intranets for several years now, and it never fails to be a popular and useful talk. In this session, Joel touched on a lot of really great tips for those using Plone for their Intranets. Performance -- high number of logged-in users making changes... This affects Plone's performance, and how you plan for that kind of usage. Often, there are more users on an Intranet than on a public site. Yet many people use a crappy old server for their Intranet site. Plone 3's features include Presentation Mode, Table of Contents and Previous/Next navigation on folders. These are often features that business types love and getting them interested in these features may help them use the site more. Warn your users about the Default content for folders. It often confuses new users. Content Rules are the best thing about Plone 3. They're very generic, so it's hard for people to think about setting them up. You can set up things to automatically send an e-mail, when content is added or changed, for example. Many Intranet users find this helpful to not only manage their content but manage their own tasks related to the content. Plone 3 ships with more workflows, some of which are specifically designed for Intranets. If you have Plone for your site or are thinking about implementing Plone for your Intranet, be sure to check out the video of this session once it is posted. Check out or for details.