RSS Gets a Makeover with NewsGator's News Stream for Social Sites 2010
When NewsGator (newssite) introduced Social Sites for SharePoint 2010, they adopted the module approach, allowing organizations to pick and choose the modules they wanted. Now there's one more module to add to the ever expanding list, and it's a new way to utilize RSS feeds.


NewsGator Knows RSS 

It's the one thing almost everyone knows them for. But the News Stream Module for Social Sites 2010 is not your typical RSS reader. NewsGator is providing a simplified News feed for Social Sites 2010 that enables administrators to quickly set up and manage a set of news feeds and offer users a quick way to see the information they need.

Managed by Admins

The administration interface, used by content curators, are responsible for selecting the news feeds for their organization, including blogs, articles, Twitter and more. According to Brian Kellner, NewsGator’s vice president of products, most people within an organization aren't really interested in managing their own personal news feeds, so the decision on what's important for the organization is left to a select few.

Used by Everyone

What users do, is enter a set of keywords and terms that they would like to monitor and anything relevant in the news feeds managed by the organization are automatically brought into the user's activity stream. Users also have the ability to indicate how they get notification of new items -- via email or their activity stream.

Basically what you are getting is lightweight news reader:


Social Sites 2010 News Stream

Like everything else in your Social Sites activity stream, you can share this content, tag it and rate it. For those that may want to manage their own personal news feeds, NewsGator will provide the functionality in early Q1 2011.

News Feeds Web Parts

In addition to have the news stream show up in your activity stream, you can also add news stream web parts. Administrators can create a query that will make a focused stream of content. You can select the news feeds to include and the keywords/terms to search for in the query.

Site Owners can also quickly add their own web part, selecting a query built by admin or by creating a simple keyword query.

Modules To Help You Be More Productive

The News Stream Module is just the latest in a list of modules for Social Sites that can help you be more productive at work. Others have included Social Profiles, Microblogging, Activity Streams, Social Insights and more. Like all the others, the News Stream module is integrated tightly with SharePoint 2010, running on the platform with no other hardware or software requirements.

Managing news feeds is a bit of a pain (I know, I haven't checked mine in ages), and within an organization it's great to have a select group of people dedicated to ensuring the right information is being brought to your attention.

News Stream for Social Sites 2010 is available now. Check it out.