Plone Conference 2008
As part of Plone Conference 2008, Sally Kleinfeldt from Jazkarta, a Boston-based Plone provider, gave a presentation on how Jazkarta runs their Plone based business. Sally covered all the tools that Jazkarta uses, not just Plone. Jazkarta is physically dispersed across the world and relies heavily on collaboration tools like Google Docs and Skype. Since Jazkarta is a small business, they chose to use mostly free or open source solutions. They host their own Plone site on Amazon EC2 and S3. Jazkarta owner Nate Aune was on hand to answer questions. All in all, I feel that Sally gave a good overview of what it's like to work for a small business that implements Plone for a living. This topic interests many Plone developers who want to turn their volunteering into a full-time job. The session gave a good overview of the kind of business infrastructure they'd need to establish. Just because you know Plone, doesn't mean you can run a business. Thanks to Jazkarta for making it that much easier for more people to run a Plone business.