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Sometimes interactivity in websites and social networks needs a nudge from the system itself. Often, question and answer set-ups can encourage people to pitch in, and Answerbase (news, site) ensures that businesses can easily establish a Q&A system via their software-as-a-service solution.

Answerbase believes that social Q&A can be a great resource for both businesses and consumers. Contributors can get their curiosity satisfied, and enterprises can use the feedback and responses as a good source of market information. David Givoni, Answerbase co-founder says the service competes with other enterprise solutions in terms of price.

We've launched Answerbase in response to a number of inquiries from businesses that needed Q&A capabilities at a more affordable rate than our enterprise offering. Answerbase gives all the same functionality that the enterprise clients take advantage of, at an affordable monthly rate.

How Important is Q&A?

Question and answer sites help foster interactivity. This can come in the form of exchange among experts or thought leaders, or simply as an exchange of ideas from personal experience. For example, one such runaway success in the Q&A field is Yahoo! Answers, which lets Yahoo! account holders ask questions about anything, including technology, health, pets, finance and the like.

Another aspect of Q&A is the experts-exchange aspect. Stack Exchange, founded by software guru Joel Spolsky works on the premise that software developers can ask questions to programming-related issues, and actual experts can pitch in with solutions and ideas. The network of Q&A sites raised a fresh round of financing earlier this year amounting to US$ 12 million.

Running a Q&A system on a collaborative site will help minimize or reduce redundancies in questions or answers, and can serve as a reliable archive of knowledge built up over time.

Easily Integrate Q&A In Your Site

While not all content management systems support Q&A out of the box, Answerbase believes it has the answer, with its SaaS question-and-answer service. Running the same engine that powers the Q&A sites of and, Answerbase gives businesses the opportunity to launch their own Q&A service from within their existing infrastructure. Answerbase offers customization, embedding of content into existing sites, and access from mobile devices. The backend also lets users manage the community, monitor content and view activity reports.

The service starts pricing at US$ 15 per month, with an option to scale up as required, up to US$ 200 monthly for the business account. Enterprise users can also have tailor-fit services customized to their needs.