eTouch SamePage 4.0 Dynamic Enterprise Wiki Software
Recently, eTouch announced SamePage 4.0, an enterprise wiki solution. It includes new and enhanced features that aim to satisfy large enterprises. Businesses can freely take advantage of SamePage in order to create, collaborate and manage information.SamePage, at its core, is an intuitive and simple tool designed for enterprise environments. It can be securely integrated with existing databases and authentication systems. Users can utilize SamePage to capture, disseminate and locate information while taking advantage of knowledge and insights from other members of the same business entity. That is the core reasoning behind the use of a wiki, after all.
eTouch SamePage 4.0 Dynamic Enterprise Wiki Software

The SamePage wiki interface

Alex Jefferies, senior research analyst with Aberdeen, explains the benefits of utilizing wikis in the enterprise: "The benefit of an enterprise wiki is that it allows for efficient project or procedure collaboration, without burdening employees with a never-ending flurry of emails. Organizations who are currently using internal wikis have found applicable uses in everything from project collaboration to creating a dynamic glossary of company-specific terms and practices to help onboard new hires."

What's New for SamePage 4.0?

SamePage 4.0 includes some new functionality that makes it more adaptable to an enterprise environment: * New REST-based Web services * Collaboration on charts and tables * Improved interoperability * Improved scalability This new release of SamePage leverages relatively new Java technologies that improve performance and scalability and enable content creation between SamePage and Web portals. For a complete list of all the new features of SamePage 4.0, check out eTouch's own wiki.