Today marks the release of eTouch's SamePage 3.3, an enterprise wiki that promises to boost user productivity with, among other things, broader deployment options. So for those suffering a dearth of variety, take heart.In short order, the new version includes:* Closer integration with Microsoft's Word and Excel* Stronger usage metrics and reporting tools* Better administration options* Plugins for Google Calendar and 30Boxes Calendar - so pick your poison* Flexible deployment options with support for MySQL SamePage is considered by some, namely eTouch, to be "the forefront of enterprise adoption of Web 2.0-based collaboration solutions," according to CEO Aniruddha Gadre. She added, "Our customers tell us that SamePage and its WYSIWYG editor are so easy and intuitive they can see immediate improvements in productivity."One would hope. Because in the world of Web two-dot-oh, wikis have become distractions for those obsessed with sharing their collabo-craze, not with colleagues, but with Wikipedia - hardly a bastion for enterprise on-taskedness. But SamePage is more than a wiki without a cause. It boasts all the diversions of new media, including blogs, forums, and mashups, to bring whole organizations back onto the same game plan. And while it makes communication across these media intuitive and productive, it also addresses utilitarian IT demands for scalability, security, integration and administration.v3.3 includes a WYSIWYG editor, adding to the usability ease, and role-based security for managing what participants can do from entry-level, on up. And the solution integrates with enterprise infrastructures, drawing from built-in LDAP adapters and SSO support.If its merits alone don't tickle your fancy, consider its street cred. SamePage users include NASA, Alcatel-Lucent, Beckton, Dickenson and Co., Citrix, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens.Get to know the new chapter of SamePage at the eTouch collaboration destination. And if you've already used it, let us in on the mindshare.