Mindjet helps increase productivity through brainstorming
All business leaders fret about productivity. Whether you’re a CEO attempting to keep your execs on the right page or a low level manager trying to keep your office assistant off personal IM during work. But these aren’t the only issues troubling business productivity today. Many issues stem from poor organization, multiple memos and notes on one topic, and a flood of papers that no human can keep track of. Being that organization is one of the main causes of poor productivity in business, MindJet has a created a solution to optimize organization and allow everyone to focus on more important tasks than where that memo went with that information. Enter MindManager…a mind mapping solution to organize your brain so you don’t have to. Remember the brainstorming of old when you had balloons and lines connecting them on a blackboard or a whiteboard; everyone in the room scrambling furiously to copy it all down and make sense of it before it is erased and a new one started. Those days are thankfully gone. MindManager is a brainstorm like tool on speed. Not only can you create structured thought lines in a savable document, you can fundamentally improve business operations. Combine that with the ability to facilitate and capture innovative thinking…and you have a productivity powerhouse that can’t steer you wrong. At first look, MindManager looks like it is just a program for creating brainstorm clouds on a page, which results in massive confusion usually. But upon further inspection, MindJet has implemented so many features to aid in organization, one has to wonder why every business around the world isn’t using it. 8 Ways to Use MindMap MindMap is used by 85 of Fortune’s top 100 companies to do things such as: # Brainstorm and capture ideas # Enhance strategic thinking and planning # Set up and manage business processes # Draft communications # Present complex information quickly and concisely # Create project plans and track progress # Manage meetings # Aggregate and manage content

MindMap Features

What are some of the capabilities of MindMap that allow you to do the things mentioned above? * Microsoft Integration – Full integration with Microsoft means that Office apps link directly to MindManager. Link files, include Excel reports and more all in one place * Organize and Implement Plans from One Document – Create full business plans with hyperlinks, document links, check off lists, and much much more. Even add images to give a great feel if being presented to a client. * Share Over Any Desktop Sharing App for Distance Meetings – Hold a meeting from around the world and share your MindMap on a desktop sharing app so others can interact with it directly. No more emailing and waiting for responses or phone conversations where one of the party has to add the conversation to a document or plan. * RSS – add RSS feeds to your MindMap * SalesForce.com Integration – You can integrate your map directly with your SalesForce.com account.

Example Decision-Making Map

How it’s Being Used by Corporations: A Case Study

Lean Six Sigma Methodology is an advanced defense technology company using MindManager to facilitate Lean Six Sigma process-improvement events. This Fortune 500 defense technology company is a world leader in building extremely complex defense systems — everything from missiles to fighter aircraft. But when the company needs to improve the mission-critical business processes behind its products, it finds there's no substitute for visually mapping information. The company's Lean Six Sigma facilitators use Mindjet MindManager to map information collected during Lean Six Sigma process-improvement events. “Lean Six Sigma initiates structured change into the environment,” says one of the company's leading Lean Six Sigma event facilitators. “Change is very frightening to most people, and inevitably generates resistance. Mapping helps address the challenges of changing an environment, because employees are able to focus better with the visual representation of that change.” The facilitator uses MindManager to facilitate week-long Lean Six Sigma events that bring together up to ten people from across many functional areas involved in a business process. The events have addressed hardware design, software development, networking and telecommunications, and horizontal integration. MindMap is used throughout the event. The map changes dynamically from the time it is first created through to the end of the event. It becomes the team's holistic view of the process under assessment, categorized and on one page, which is always included in the event out brief.

Additional Uses

Not only is MindManager great for large business productivity and organization, it even has its place in small business, education, and government. It is such an incredible application it’s uses are almost innumerable. This is a weapon that should be in every “organizations” arsenal.