Quark + SharePoint = New Multi-Channel Publishing Solution
It was October last year when Quark (newssite) and Microsoft announced their new partnership to bring dynamic publishing to Microsoft SharePoint  (newssite). Today, they take it a step further letting us that this integration will work for SharePoint 2010.

Better Collaboration 

The integration of Quark for dynamic publishing and SharePoint 2010 for collaboration and workflow will bring together knowledge workers and those creative types into a single environment, ensuring smoother collaboration and hopefully more efficient publishing of information.

PG Bartlett, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Quark:

The solution we’ve developed with Microsoft offers organizations a publishing platform that enables complete collaboration, giving subject matter experts a way to self-publish – working in Word and producing print, Web, and digital – and giving creative teams an automated solution for managing brand assets.”


Quark, SharePoint Publishing Integration

So how exactly does this new integrated offering work?

For the Knowledge Worker

Knowledge Workers can continue to work in the environment they know so well, including MS Word and SharePoint 2010, but they get some nice new features that ease their work efforts including working directly in QuarkXPress layouts, adding images to the layouts from a web based editor in SharePoint, initiating publishing via different channels and more.


Cross-Media Publishing from Within SharePoint

For Creative Teams and Users

SharePoint 2010 can provide the project management environment that brings the creative team and those closely involved in the publishing process together with the content creators. 

Shared workflows, projects and task management are capabilities SharePoint is very good at. SharePoint also becomes the central repository for all assets used in the content creation and publishing process, still using the tools they know and love like QuarkXPress, Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office.


Business Features for Publishing Teams

Familiar Tools, Better Collaboration

The integration between Quark and SharePoint does a good job demonstrating how you can leverage SharePoint to be more than a simple document collaboration solution. There are likely hundreds of use cases for SharePoint in an organization if you take the time to think about how to bring better collaboration to your company.

In this case, Quark is integrating its cross channel/cross device publishing capabilities that SharePoint doesn't have, with SharePoint's ability to manage content and other assets and support the management process that is required to make these types of projects successful.