Mainsoft Updates SharePoint Integration Further into Lotus Notes

We know it's true that Microsoft leads the way on office productivity with MS Office and Outlook/Exchange. But we also know that Lotus Notes still has a solid market share for e-mail as well. And it wouldn't be a stretch to believe that even organizations with Lotus Notes also have at least one SharePoint implementation.

All good news for Mainsoft as they release the latest version of their SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes.

The latest version of the SharePoint Integrator for Lotus Notes -- version 1.5 -- provides some much needed additional functionality.

If you remember, Mainsoft released the SharePoint Integrator in May. The Integrator is a client-side plugin for Lotus Notes 8 and as a standalone client for versions Notes 7.x and 6.5.x.

SharePoint Integrator Upgraded Features

The SharePoint Integrator is seen as a sidebar in Lotus Notes. This newest version -- 1.5 -- provides several new features:

Working with SharePoint Content in Lotus Notes

  • Quickly scan through SharePoint Sites
  • Select a document in SharePoint and attach to a Lotus Notes email, calendar entry, task list or team room



View Office document libraries stored on SharePoint from the Notes sidebar; and drag-and-drop documents from SharePoint to a Notes email.

Working with Lotus Notes Email in SharePoint

  • Easily publish a Lotus Notes email, complete with attachments, to a SharePoint site via Drag and Drop or the click of a button
  • Update SharePoint Metadata on a document from within Lotus Notes (i.e. To, From and Subject fields on emails)
  • View emails stored in SharePoint in Notes email format, whether they have the original email or not, including editing it, forwarding it, etc..



Email fields are mapped automatically to SharePoint columns as they are uploaded on SharePoint, and Notes users can fill in custom fields from Notes. 

Web Services as the Integration Tool

Using Web Services as the integration tool between SharePoint and Lotus Notes allows you to keep your content in SharePoint and easily access and utilize it in your email. This is a better approach than migrating content out of SharePoint to use in Notes as you aren't dealing with multiples copies of your content.

The Mainsoft SharePoint Integrator is very much an enterprise mashup tool and is something that organizations using SharePoint and Lotus Notes should look closely at.