Going Online with SharePoint
October is update month for SharePoint Online and there are a few new features that demonstrate Microsoft's desire to support larger organizations.

Most of the updates relate to the administration of users through the SharePoint Online Services Administration Center.

Bulk User Activation

Until now you had to activate your users one at a time. Just a little bit of a pain if you had any number of users to put on the site at once.

Now, you can add many at once using PowerShell commandlets including: Enable-MSOnlineUser, et-MSOnlineSubscription and Set-MSOnlineUserPassword.

The commandlets are expected to be used primarily for bulk upload of users from Active Directory to the online service.

Support for more users

Although the limits on site collections, storage per company and per site won't be changed, SharePoint Online will now support an increased number of users in the Admin Center: from 10,000 to 30,000.

This is a clear demonstration of their desire for larger organizations to move to the online service.

Enhanced Support for MAC OS

Mac users are getting a new sign-in client, automatic configuration of Office applications and Safari support.

Plus SharePoint Online will now support the Document Connection for Mac, which includes easier uploading/downloading and better collaboration.

All new features are expected to be fully implemented and available by the end of October. Watch the Online Services Team blog for any changes to the schedule.