Enterprise Collaboration from Bitrix
In a busy global world such as the one we live in, enterprise business collaboration can be a tricky thing. Even in-house collaboration can be a chore when working in buildings that are 30 stories tall and half a city block wide. Bitrix, a developer of content management and portal solutions has announced the release of Bitrix Intranet Portal in an effort to help alleviate business collaboration headaches with social networking tools.

Bitrix Intranet Portal allows businesses to build customized collaboration environments. These environments can aid in document management, allow for resource libraries to be built and managed, assist in managing collaboration to remove redundancy, or build a full-scale social network with instant messaging capabilities.

Businesses of all sizes, not just enterprise corporations, will be able to collaborate, train, develop dynamic workflows and more across any distance all the while maintaining complete control of the environment.

Bitrix Intranet Portal Overview

Bitrix Intranet Portal Admin Interface

Bitrix Intranet Portal Features and Uses

Aside from basic collaboration, Bitrix Intranet Portal has a list of features that bring new meaning to dynamic collaborative environments:

  • File and document authoring, editing, storing and sharing – Store and share documents in an organized and easily managed fashion.
  • Instant messaging – Need to talk now? Use the IM features for instant collaboration.
  • Social networking – Create profiles, groups, blogs and forums to speed productivity and collaboration.
  • Task management – Assign tasks to those profiles or groups and easily manage them from a central location.
  • Quick portal search – Find what you need easily with quick searching across all the content stored.
  • Group and personal calendars – Create group and personal calendars to keep everyone’s schedules on the same page.
  • Knowledge Base – Build a knowledge and resource base for the company, partners,and others.
  • Requests forms with Workflow – Request forms for employees, partners and lower management that come with a built-in workflow to direct them to the appropriate places.
  • Video repository and photo galleries – Build media libraries of video and photo content for advertising campaigns or online media creation.
  • Link directories – Create link directories to easily navigate the content in the portal or as an online resource library.

Bitrix Intranet Portal

Bitrix Intranet Portal Overview

Bitrix Intranet Portal has a variety of uses as well as a long list of features. HR departments can now make new employees feel more a part of a company as well as engage existing employees in a new fashion, CEO’s can improve management process and employees can have instant access to corporate documents and feel more a part of a company as opposed to just an employee.

Again, considering the world we live in, quality enterprise collaboration tools are becoming a necessity for many small and medium businesses as well as large ones. Bitrix has addressed the need with a comprehensive collaboration tool that gives you control.

Check out the demo here.