Socialcast releases its saas social networking solution
Socialcast has finally released the latest version of its enterprise social networking service. This SaaS-based service holds a new surprise along with all the features we told you about last month -- a self-service delivery model.

Features and Functionality for Socialcast 3.0

In August, we took at look at Socialcast 3.0, the latest version of the social networking service designed for the enterprise. It had a number of new features and functionality that encouraged the sharing of knowledge: * User Profiles * Ideas * Groups * Questions * Pages * Worklog * Bookmarklet

Micro-blogging Feature

Socialcast 3.0 also features micro-blogging. With so many companies doling out smartphones to their employees, it's a feature that makes sense. It also works well for those who remain hooked on their email.

Self-Service Delivery Model

The new self-service delivery model is said to be the first of it's kind. According to Socialcast this new approach bypasses the traditional sales method and help small to medium sized companies get on board much faster. Smaller companies can get out of their stale, boring intranets and move to a full-featured social network. If you are interested in trying it out, you can free for 30-days. After that, it will cost US$ 5 per user per month. Something to think about. Still not sure? Try their demo.