SoftLayer Launches Parallels Panel for CloudLayer Computing

Texas-based SoftLayer (news, site), a provider of on-demand virtual data center services, has just announced that it now offers Parallel’s (news, site) Plesk Panel as an option with its CloudLayer platform -- cloud package for storage, computing and content delivery.

With this new offering, SoftLayer says it has only got its customers interests at heart by offering them more control over their IT environments, but what they're also doing is cutting an even bigger slice of that great big pie in the cloud.

Applications On Demand


For those of you who don’t know Plesk Panel, it's designed to simplify the management and administration of websites by automating a large number of tasks as well as freeing up operational resources for hosters.

While Parallels doesn’t say which version of Plesk Panel will actually ship with SofLayer, their most recent offering in this range is version 9.0, which, they say, provides an easy way to automate business processes.

And by offering the Plesk Panel on the CloudLayer platform, SoftLayer has given customers access to a whole new set of on-demand applications and services.

In fact, SoftLayer says this new partnership will offer cloud-based computing in enterprise-grade and open source systems within five minutes.

Citrix XenServer Technology

It's not that anyone is saying it can’t do that, but it's a fairly large claim when you consider what it is SoftLayer is offering.

CloudLayer is built on Citrix XenServer technology and consists of storage, computing and content delivery. Users can store images of their chosen OS and applications and access them from KVM clients, portable devices or other systems.


CloudLayer Infrastructure

Also supported are Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V and Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, allowing users to mix and match dedicated servers and cloud computing resources.

Heavy data loads can be run on cloud or dedicated servers, and content for customers can be spread among the nodes of the content delivery network for speedy delivery.

Easy-To-Negotiate Interface

Parallel Panel brings a console with an intuitive interface and full integration with the company’s Application Packaging Standard (APS) catalog.

APS was developed by Parallels to simplify the integration of Web applications into hosting environments.

Features with Parallels Plesk Panel v9.0 include a Vista-style interface to help users navigate and perform their tasks faster and easier due to the ability to select resellers, clients, domains and mail accounts via the path bar.

It also comes with backup and restores functionality as well as tools for managing and reselling applications and services.

And here’s just one of the kickers -- CloudLayer is available with hourly or monthly billing, making it look just like a phone contract.

There’s all kinds of different plans and billing schemes in much the same vein as mobile phones, but with a lot more kick.

The offering is worth checking out, particularly if you’re a start-up business, which it seems is exactly the market SoftLayer is looking to attract.