Spigit Builds Innovation Management into SharePoint
Spigit is a socal networking solution that delivers idea and innovation management. Not to be left out of the enterprise by those who use SharePoint as their primary collaboration tool, Spigit offers Spigit for SharePoint, calling it "your center for innovation".

Adding Innovation Mgt to SharePoint

Innovation and Idea Management are becoming key components to any organization's business strategy. The best ideas don't always come in perfectly coordinated business strategy sessions. They come as grassroots efforts, sometimes from the people you least expect.

Because SharePoint is so predominant in enterprises today, it's understandable that Spigit would extend their solution to work in that environment.

Functionality included with Spigit integration includes:

  • Dashboard containing real time activity updates, employee contributions and the hot topics based on user voting
  • Single Sign on authentication using Active Directory
  • An advanced analytics engine with customizable criteria
  • Workflow to manage idea stages and graduation, role-based permissions
  • User reputation scoring
  • Incentives to contribute that include both internal and external stores


Spigit for SharePoint

Tightly Integrated

Delivered as a series of SharePoint Web Parts, Spigit can be integrated with SharePoint in a couple of ways. First it can be added to the entire platform as a separate tab. Second, it can be added to specific SharePoint sites.

Joining the SharePoint Community

Spigit is not the first social networking solution to offer Innovation Management for SharePoint. NewsGator SocialSites also offers similar capabilities. Social Site Ideas allows employees to submit ideas and lets others vote and comment on these ideas.

You can learn more about the Spigit solution and watch a video on how it works. But to get specific information on Spigit for SharePoint, you will have to request a private demo.